Salvation Army Facility

We chose to showcase this “walkthrough”, for it will give you an idea of the many services offered by Ohio Electric Services (OES). You can easily see OES can handle any type of project and lighting effect whether it’s for commercial use or for home or office…


Miles McClellan Construction chose us to install all electrical work on a new Salvation Army facility… This new facility included a Chapel, Gymnasium, Kitchen, Nursery, Classrooms, Offices, and MultiPurpose Rooms. The electrical distribution consisted of an underground primary duct bank, and seven panel boards to meet the various lighting demands throughout the building.

To save time and expense, all panel feeds, etc. were installed underground. Overall, the buildings lighting system contained hundreds of fixtures many containing occupancy sensors and dimming ballasts…

Examples of the dimming system, to control the various track and overhead lighting, are shown in the Chapel photos. Not seen in the photos is the fully addressable fire alarm system… just another service of OES.

Challenges Met:

Over the years, on-the-job thinking has been an integral part of Ohio Electric Services success. Due to the architect’s open, exposed structural design, the lighting in the Chapel was a one of the challenges met by OES. By concealing the conduit and “raceway” lines, OES was able to achieve the clean look desired by the contractor and the Salvation Army…

Aside from installing all outdoor lighting to the building, parking lot, and overall land footprint, another challenge was designing and installing exterior lighting to the building’s steeple.
A snorkel lift was utilized for the “roughin”, finish work, and all onsite modifications to get the proper lighting on the building’s nightly “landmark”.