The OSU Football Stadium Permanent Lighting Installation

For most of the long, illustrious history of Ohio State football, the famous ‘Horseshoe’ never had night games - because lights were never installed. Since times change, over the last number of years OSU had used temporary lighting for their occasional night games…

Recently, OSU decided it was time for high-quality permanent lights - and, they decided to use Ohio Electric Services to make it happen.

Inside The Numbers:

The new lighting installed on the East Side of the stadium is supported by two separate steel structures. Each structure contains 96 - 1500watt fixtures, as well as 6 LED fixtures for emergency lighting and to allow warm-up of the main fixtures.

The West Side of the stadium has a new steel structure, complete with a cat walk. There are 206 - 1500watt fixtures that run the entire length of the press box, as well as 12 LED lights. The fixtures for this entire project were provided by MUSCO, the leader in sports lighting.

This totals 398 - 1500watt fixtures and 24 LED fixtures.

The average ‘horizontal foot-candle’ reading on the field is approximately 249 FC. Simply put - plenty of light for prime-time night games on a HDTV.

Over 32 miles of ‘fixture wiring’ from ballast enclosures to fixtures

• 66 ballast enclosures - with multiple ballast to power each of the 398 - 1500Watt fixtures.
• Over 4 miles of overhead conduit.
• 2 new 400Amp 480/277V panels.
• 2 new 200Amp 480/277V panels.
• 2.5 miles of panel feeder conductors.

Rick Smythe, owner, sums it up nicely…”Ohio Electric Services was proud to install permanent lighting on such a historical and high profile project. And, our thanks go out to everyone involved with this project."