Say Goodbye to Your Outdated Wiring

Say Goodbye to Your Outdated Wiring

Our crew provides top-notch electrical repairs in the Dayton, OH area

Does your breaker trip frequently? Are your outlets hot to the touch? Turn to Ohio Electric Services. Our skilled technicians provide dependable electrical repairs to families across the Dayton, OH area.

A faulty electrical panel and outdated wiring can be frustrating and even dangerous. Choose an experienced team when you need electrical repairs. Contact us today to arrange for repair services.

Make sure your new home is safe and up to code

Before you move into a new home, be sure to schedule a thorough electrical inspection. The professionals at Ohio Electric Services can make sure your home meets electrical safety standards.

We'll check for:

Outdated wiring
Missing ground wires
Shock or electrocution hazards
Faulty or outdated electrical panels

Don't wait until you've moved in to discover an electrical issue. Protect your family with a thorough electrical inspection. Call 937-228-4073 today to schedule an inspection appointment.