Protect You and Your Properties

Protect You and Your Properties

Hire us for AFCI protection in Dayton, OH

According to the National Electric Code, all new construction requires arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) on both residential and commercial properties. These new breakers are separate from the ground fault interrupt breakers in your home's original construction. Unless your property was built or remodeled after 2005, it might not be there. Ohio Electric Services will ensure your home is up to code and provides proper (AFCI) protection in Dayton, OH.

Fight the fires

Going out of your way to install AFCI protection may seem like a hassle. Ohio Electric Services recommends AFCI protection because:

  • GFCI breakers only protect you from electric shocks
  • AFCI breakers protect you from fire hazards
  • AFCI is required for 15- and 20-amp residential circuits

Call us to schedule your appointment today, and make your home or office as safe as can be with AFCI protection.